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The Power Of Digital Transformation Driven By Innovation


At idigitalhub, we believe in innovation. It’s the driving force behind transformation and is emerging as an essential tool for improving growth and reducing waste. 

That’s why we’ve developed pioneering new services that fundamentally alter how the industry operates. These help boost performance, optimise maintenance, improve safety, reduce consumer downtime, and add value.

About Us


idigitalhub is an industry pioneer with ten years of experience at the forefront of the digital revolution. We have established an unrivalled reputation for developing and implementing creative technology during this time.

idigitalhub has leveraged its vast experience to deliver highly technical projects for enterprise clients, providing critical expertise in interface innovation, prototyping, and partnerships with industry leaders like IBM and Microsoft.

Clients like Westminster Council, Thames Water, Network Rail, Heathrow, and A2Dominion have relied on idigitalhub to lead digital capture and transformation initiatives for large teams.

Our capabilities cover various digital capture types, from tall building topographic surveys to specific building assets, such as fire doors or safety plans. We ensure comprehensive coverage for all digital capture needs.

We help your organisation tailor an innovation system that breaks you out of the status quo and begins delivering meaningful innovation quickly. Our process starts with a collaborative, design-based approach. We then work with your team to create a unique profile for applying innovation within your organisation.

This system is based on six vital parameters: culture, people, processes, tools, focus areas, and outcomes. We help teams develop an engaging and actionable plan to bring the innovation system to life. This often includes visualising your innovation system and execution process, along with a detailed digital toolbox that provides all stakeholders with a clear roadmap for action.

Our expertise also includes using 360 camera systems for site surveys and delivering visualisations in a virtual world to reduce site risks. We provide asset controls to enable further integration into maintenance programs.

"Being technologically brilliant is only part of the story. It's also about people. We understand that the most talented developers can be curious, demanding individuals. With Slate at the helm, you can be confident that we will shape and lead teams to fast-forward digital change. We're not afraid to stand up and be counted."

Innovation Approach 

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Innovation Approach
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