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At idigital hub, we believe in innovation. It’s the driving force to transform and is emerging as an essential tool to improve growth and reduce waste. 

It’s why we’ve been able to develop pioneering new services that are fundamentally altering the way the industry operates – helping to boost performance, optimise maintenance, improve safety, reduce consumer downtime and add value.

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Hi, my name is Harvey Jassal as an industry pioneer with 8 years of experience at the forefront of the digital revolution. During this time, I have established an unrivalled reputation for the development and implementation of creative technology.


I have spent my vast experience delivering highly technical projects for enterprise clients, and critical expertise in interface innovation, prototyping, and innovation with partners like IBM, Microsoft. 

I have worked at Costain Group for 6years with many clients like Thames Water, Network Rail, TFL, Heathrow, SSE Plc. I have been at the forefront of subject matters to deliver digital transformation into large teams.

I have been responsible for the output of 40 projects and building a technical side which included Thames Water to understand their asset and implement digital transformation within the business. 

We help your organisation tailor an innovation system that will break you out of the status quo and begin delivering meaningful innovation quickly. We start with a collaborative, design-based process.


Then, we work with your team to create a unique profile for how innovation can best be applied in your organisation. It’s based on a systems approach with six vital parameters: culture, people, processes, tools, focus areas, and outcomes.

Then we help teams tailor an engaging and actionable plan to bring the innovation system to life. This often includes a visualisation of your innovation system and execution process and a detailed digital toolbox giving all stakeholders a roadmap for action.

As a result, you’ll be able to get leadership on board quickly. You’ll inspire teams across the enterprise to align with your approach and engage with innovation. And you’ll implement a system that truly fits your organisation and delivers rapid results.

Subject matters on 360 camera systems to carry site survey to deliver the visualisation in a virtual world to make reduce site risk. We deliver asset controls to enable further integration for a maintenance program.

"Being technologically brilliant is only part of the story. It’s also about people. And we understand that the most talented developers can be curious, demanding beasts. With Slate at the helm, you can be confident that we will shape and lead teams, to fast forward digital change. We’re not afraid to stand up and be counted"

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